Professional Services Firm Uses Social Media Just About Purrfectly

November 16, 2011 8:12 am | POSTED BY admin

CatvertisingMany B2B firms struggle to break through the clutter on the social web with their content. They hope for something “viral”, but not just any old “cat video” viral.  What would the value of that be to a firm? Lots of “empty calorie” clicks at best. Such firms really need content that is not only highly shared, but that supports their USP (or brand), hones their image, and generates leads.

It is at this point that most firms will throw their hands up in dispair, sensing that the only things that truly “go viral” on the web are squarely in the realm of the masses (e.g. popular music, celebrity gossip, love of pets, etc.) and not at all in the realm of the serious work that they do for a living.

But that reality did not deter ad agency John St. from Canada.  Taking a “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em approach,” they leveraged the web’s peculiar obsession with cats in a humourous way that also introduces their people and creates awareness about them and what they do:  

Of course not all B2B marketers are as naturally creative as are advertising agencies (not to mention as able to execute content as well).  But it does illustrate how humour is not antithetical to B2B marketing and that even professional marketing services can dream of something approximating meaningful virality on the web.


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