Using Google+ to Find “Local Area” Influencers (Yes, Google+!)

November 4, 2011 8:54 am | POSTED BY admin

Given the nature of high-touch B2B business, physical proximity still matters. The people many B2B’ers (especially professional services firms) often really need to connect with are those that have both real-world and social world influence AND who are within driving distance more or less.


But fret not!  There are likely a multitude of techniques that can help find high-value prospects and influencers to connect with in your local area. Here’s one technique that uses Google+ that seems particularly promising.

Because Google+ is still in its infancy (relatively speaking), business professionals who are on Google+ as of right now (i.e. November 2011) tend to be both very connected and very active when it comes to social media.

For example, let’s say one is interested in connecting with lawyers who just happen to be particularly social media savvy. By simply going to Google+ and searching for the term “lawyer” and a specific geographical area, four tabs of results will appear (i.e. Everything, People, Google+ Posts, and Sparks).

When we conducted a trial search (no pun intended) in our local area of Vancouver, we found quite a few actual local area practicing lawyers who are also generally on the leading edge of social media activity.

Google+ Local Search

Finding local area "influentials" with Google+


And when we substituted ”legal” for ”lawyer” we quickly stumbled upon a list of the top lawyer Twitter users in the country. So a useful collateral finding as well without too much wasted time.

At this point, you can then start checking people out to find who might be a someone worth connecting to. And how you make that connection, well, that is a whole different matter!

But for finding ”influentials” with a view to building a relationship, this kind of searching technique can truly be like looking for needles in a stack of needles. At least for now!


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